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Weather – Writing Up A Storm

Weather – Music, Mood & Inspiration

DGG Productions recently sat in a session with Sammi Dae, hoping to get a sneak preview of the songs on the up-coming album, Weather…and we weren’t disappointed.

The ebb and flow of the variety of songs left DGG in no small amount of awe! When the album drops, listeners are going to be treated to hooks galore across the Pop, EDM, Rock, R&B and Latin genres. 

Inspired By The Weather

We spoke with Sammi about the title of the album and the reason for calling it Weather, to which he attributes the falling and rising tide of the 15 songs to be akin to the change in weather, “…warm, cold, windy, brisk, dry, wet and a whole range of other conditions in between. As each song formed, I felt that every track represented a climatic moment, My Girlfriend is a chilly cold, To The Top is warm and tropical, Fall In Love is mild wind from light and dark…”

Song Lyrics and ‘Tude

DGG joined Sammi in a mastering session of a tracked called Paradise Girl – a cheeky track co written by BRI3LEWIS, which is about the family of the girlfriend getting the wrong impression about the boy she’s seeing. Having heard a couple other tracks, it is clear that Sammi finds great ways to express an attitude in a song, using strong and dynamic ways to tell a story. 

We asked Sammi where his inspiration comes from, particularly when putting pen to paper for the Weather album.

“…I’ve got to be honest, at the beginning point where I start to create the music, the theme and subject matter come to mind” muses Sammi. “I have a long list of recordings made on my iPhone, where I’m vamping along with the music in the background…and viola, the lyric idea is born.

Paradise Girl – August 2019 Release

Getting Ready For the Unknown

Having spent a really wonderful and entertaining couple of hours with Sammi Dae, we were interested to find out what he hoped the reaction and response to the new album would be from music lovers. After ruminating the question for a moment, Sammi replied “Well, I hope the general public all over the world enjoy the music. I’d love to believe that they will..but if about half of the people who hear the singles and album, like the music, I’ll be a happy chap!”

Listening to the songs we were privileged to hear, DGG is excited about the reception his music will receive.

Best of luck dude!

Weather – Writing Up A Storm
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Weather – Writing Up A Storm
An interview by DGG Productions with Sammi Dae, previewing some of the new songs from his up-coming album Weather.
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