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Sammi Dae – Press Kit

Sammi Dae Info

Label: Self Released
Genre: Pop, House, EDM, Rock, RnB, Funk
Hometown: Manchester, UK
Influences: Bruno Mars, Adele, Daddy Yankee, Aerosmith, U2, Usher, Eric Clapton, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin


Sammi Dae has music featured across Amazon Prime, Channel 4, including Hollyoaks, VOX, Rundfunk TV series and more. Sammi is a singer, songwriter and producer, and is an artist who is always driving himself to expand his range of musical genres and styles. With key influences from music greats such as Bruno Mars, Adele, Daddy Yankee, Aerosmith, U2, Usher, Eric Clapton, Prince and across the Motown talent, Sammi Dae writes with a free style, producing catchy hooks in compositions across Pop, Rock, House/EDM, RnB, Soul and Funk.

Working from his own studio, Dae is quickly developing a catalogue of work. The Sammi Dae press kit provides information about Sammi Dae, along with the projects he is working on and the recent song releases. “The best time I ever have in my life is when I am writing and playing or producing music. I am lucky that I can enjoy making music and having fun doing so without trying to chase a record deal and world domination as I did in the 90’s” says Sammi Dae. “On saying that, whereas twenty years ago an artist would need the backing of a record company to get the music out to the music buying public, fortunately the internet and social media now provides artists a wonderful world of opportunities to share and distribute music and artist merchandise to music lovers of all ages, who consume music with increasing rapacity. So who knows?

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Recent Projects

Sammi Dae is currently producing a new collection of music for an up-coming album, ‘Weather‘, which features a catalogue of music that has been written to mirror the unpredictable and ever changing nature and mood of the weather; warm, cold, wet, brisk etc. See below for a preview of some of the songs on the Weather album.

Albums in Progress

Weather the up-coming album from Sammi Dae
The Mancunian Album Cover

Videos in Progress

  1. To The Top
  2. Fall In Love
  3. In My Place
  4. We Can Do
  5. My Girlfriend

Songs from Sammi Dae

Sammi Dae Press Kit
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Sammi Dae Press Kit
The Sammi Dae Press Kit provides details about Sammi Dae, current music projects, recently released songs and videos.
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