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Publishing & Distribution

The world of music publishing and distribution can be particularly complex and a mental mind field.

DGG Production offers music production, where we work with artists looking for song inspiration, lyrics or music development. With extensive experience writing, producing and performing music, our music production service is being used by a growing number of broadcast networks and media.

Working tirelessly to develop dynamic lyrics, music and beats, our team is well versed and versatile in music production. From Pop to EDM, Country to Rock, our experience and unique creativity is what makes DGG music production service an ideal solution.

Developing Lyrics

Whether you have lyrics, but not the melody, or if you have the melody, but not the lyrics, we’ll sit down to create something amazing. And even if you don’t have either of those, but have that stand-out voice, we’ll definitely work something out! There are plenty of melodies DGG have just waiting for a voice to join them! Our music production service can cover anything from basic demos to broadcast ready recordings. Our process is easy and efficient.

Vocal Production

Once the lyrics have been created and are just the way you like them, our team will sit down with you to refine and record your vocals for the track…no matter how many times, until you’re fully satisfied with the recording. Vocal enhancements and auto-tune can be applied post production.

Mix & Master

Mixing and Mastering is a service that DGG provide in-house at no extra cost, and as a part of our collaboration!

With a dedicated mixing and mastering production team, we use the latest sound recording and audio production software that will make your next release sound professional and polished.

With technology developed by award winning music software brands, your next single or album will be mastered with consistency and high-quality mastering services.

For more information, either call Luke on 0161 531 2101, or drop us a line below;

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