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I Love Music – Sammi Dae (Official Video)

Listening With My Airpods In

I was sat musing about how 2020 has been a singular and crazy year, and listening with my Airpods in my ears to some of my favourite music from across the decades. I flipped through my I Love Music playlist on my phone that I’ve nurtured over the years, tapping my toes and nodding my head to memorable songs such as Aerosmith’s ‘Dude Looks Like A Lady’, Stevie’s ‘Hotter Than July’,  Lisa Stansfield’s ‘All Around The World’, Tenacious D’s ‘Greatest Song In The World’ (a personal favourite of mine)…and Bruno Mars’s ’24K Magic’…when I had a sudden and compelling urge to write an upbeat, funky, fun and disco-esque song that captured how I was feeling at that very moment.

So many thoughts were going through my mind as I sat down at the PC with the keyboard at my fingertips…but as a good many song writers and artists will know, every now and again, the creativity of the music and lyrics comes easier than usual. This was such an occasion.

Fond Memories of My Favourite MTV Music Videos

In the moment that I was thinking about stepping out of my front door, on my way for a walk with my Airpods in, and bouncing along to my favourite playlists, thinking how I love music, I was already opening my DAW and a melody was forming whilst thoughts brought back fond memories of my favourite songs and MTV music videos; Chic’s ‘Le Freak, Wild Cherry’s ‘Play That Funk Music White Boy’, Sister Sledge’s ‘We Are Family’, Earth Wind and Fire’s ‘Boogie Wonderland‘ Shalamar’s ‘There It Is’ and so many more epic songs from the 90’s, the Twenty-Oh’s and Twenty-Tens.

I was so excited that the creativity was free flowing, and how at twenty minutes in, the main beat, groove and melody was playing on a loop that was inspiring me further. I don’t think I even has time to listen for much longer before I had Word open on the screen to my left, and I was typing frantically to get the imagery from my head onto the document. I knew I was down the rabbit whole by this time, because I was deliberately ignoring the increasing reminder my bladder was sending to my brain…just like it is now!

Cold Coffee and Ginger Nuts

Eagerly returning back to my seat – and now even more eager to set up the mic and vocal channels – a cold coffee and ignored ginger nuts later, the guide vocal was recorded and I was looking forward to putting harmonies into the track.

My excitement was so emphasised…you know when you’ve written a really good song, but it’s an especially awesome feeling when people are rushing into the studio with an onslaught of enthusiasm and compliments of “…tune!!” and “…I love this…I really love this!”

…two hours later, the song was mixed and sounding so rich, full and aired, playing through Ozone 9.

Music Video On Zero Budget and In Lockdown

The enthusiastic reaction from the exclusive previews of I Love Music was so compelling that – even though the whole of the UK was in lockdown – I knew that I just had to find a way to make an official video…on a zero budget…and a day and half later…Viola!!

I hope you enjoy…please feel free to leave a comment on YouTube and subscribe to receive notifications of up-coming new videos.

I Love Music - Sammi Dae
I Love Music - Sammi Dae

I Love Music’ is inspired by so much of his past; the joy music brings and how it is a wonderful soundtrack of our lives. “I love listening to 70’s 80’s and 90’s songs that shaped who I am, from James Ingram & Michael McDonald’s ‘Yah Mo Be There‘ and Chaka Khan’s ‘I’m Every Woman‘ to James Brown, Bobby Womack and KC and The Sunshine Band…I love all the regional grooves and feel behind these and many more awesome songs that are in my DNA

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