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Gone Too Soon – Sammi Dae

DGG productions brings an especially heartfelt music video from Sammi Dae called Gone Too Soon, which is an especially emotive song in memory of all lives lost to the Coronavirus and for the families that have lost loved ones.

“I’ve been so moved and saddened at the loss of life and the unimaginable grief families and loved ones must feel losing a mother, father, sibling or friend to a virus that is out of our control. It makes my heart break when I hear stories of families who can’t be with their suffering loved ones and the unfortunate victims of the virus before they pass away. I just wanted to do something, say something to express how I felt when I lost my parents to illness a few years back.”

After writing, producing and performing Gone Too Soon, Sammi Dae has set up a campaign on JustGiving called Sammi Dae Streaming a Song in Memory of Lives Lost and for the NHS, where Sammi is hoping to raise money for NHS Charity Together by asking people to donate and stream the song for every life lost to Covid-19 and for NHS Charities Together because of the tireless bravery of the heroes in our NHS. The campaign can be found at, where all donations got to the NHS Charity Together.

Taken from the up-coming album The Mancunian Album, due for release in July 2020, Gone Too Soon is just one of many songs from the album that chart an array of songs with musical styles infused with melodic blends of Soul, Blues, Indie Pop and Latin influences. Sammi Dae states that “…the songs on the The Mancunian album have been written and produced with homage the same attention to catchy hooks and melodies.

Having been given an exclusive access to some of the new songs on the album, DGG Productions is very excited for the album to drop.

Gone Too Soon - Sammi Dae
Gone Too Soon - Sammi Dae

'Gone Too Soon' was written in memory of all the people around the world who have been taken by the Corona virus and for the families that have lost loved ones. Gone Too Soon is also being used in Sammi Dae's fundraising campaign for NHS Charities Together, because of the tireless bravery of the heroes in our NHS, who continue to save lives.

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