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After a period of live performances, in 1999 Luke landed a support for Beverley Knight and went on to produce a track for Warner Chappell Music. Luke Carter returned to the music industry in 2008 with his second solo album, ‘Dude Gone Grey’. Blending Funk, Pop and Urban Folk, Luke and Louise Gordon-Smith incorporated the core emotions of everyday life; love, money and family - and used rich, melodic instrumentation and commanding vocals that fully integrated the musician’s soul, rock and pop influences. The album Dude Gone Grey, with songs like “Mary” (which was originally written about Jodie Foster, who eventually lost out to a girl at his school) and ‘I Can’t Get Enough of You” show that “…this is an album dedicated to the expressions of emotion; love, care, fear and passion” says Luke “I wanted to create an album that naturally merged the bouncing beats of Funk, the purity of pop and the clean acoustic guitar rhythms of urban folk to create something compelling.

The Future Is Bright, The Future is 2020

Adopting DGG as his artists name, in 2020 Luke will be releasing the re-mastering of the 2008 album, Dude Gone Grey. DGG has also confirmed that he is also working on new tracks for the release of his new album, scheduled for mid-2020...title to be confirmed.

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