Brian Lewis
BRI3LEWIS has been writing music since his teens and has been immersing his talents in producing soulful vibes for just all long. Whereas R&B and Soul is his natural writing style, a recent sneak preview of the songs on his up-coming album, 'A New Breed', revealed to our team at DGG Productions that BRI3LEWIS is as at home writing pop and EDM. Working with Sammi Dae, BRI3LEWIS has developed a truly eclectic catalogue of songs that stir emotions or make you tap your feet and nod your head...DGG Productions is eagerly awaiting the release of the debut album in September 2019!

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    Paradise Girl

    "Paradise Girl" from Weather by Sammi Dae. Released: 2019. Genre: Pop.

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    It’s About

    "It's About" from Translate by Brian Lewis. Released: 2018. Genre: R&B.

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